Sunday, June 26, 2011

This Pilgrim Journey

Here we must deal with awe, fascination, and terror,
with ignorance, shot through with the lightning of certainty,
and with feelings of exuberance, love, and bliss...

~Francis Huxley

"In each of us dwells a pilgrim.  It is the part of us that longs to have direct contact with the sacred.  We will travel halfway around the world and endure great sacrifice and pain to enter the sanctuary, whether it is a temple, shrine, cemetery, or library.  
This is the way that is no way, but a practice...

Your practice is your path.
"The Way is uncontrived," as Lao Tzu said.
It is simply the way of seeing,
the way of hearing,
the way of touching,
the way of walking,
the way of being,
with humility."

~Phil Cousineau
in The Art of Pilgrimage

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