Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Sun Dance

"Our sun our star that shines so bright
that gives us life, that brings us light
tonight we celebrate your name
tonight to dance with you we came
from near and far, from east and west,
from north and south, and what is best
is that we bring ourselves to thee
to give and take in harmony
your blessings on this holy night
in gold, in light, in truth, and right.

You shine upon us, golden bright
you shine in day, you shine in night,
and our hearts reflect your shine
true golden hearts be yours, and mine.

True golden hearts, true golden mind,
true golden body all combined,
now ready to make work and love,
empowered by our star above,
our center, our immortal soul,
that holds us safe and makes us whole,
our center, heart and soul of gold,
our riches, powers, love untold

And as the sun shines on our land
so do we fully understand
that each of us is born a star
a sun is who we really are
a sun that blesses, shines so clear
brings life and love to far and near

So let us celebrate the sun
so let us step into the sun
so let us draw the power of the sun

and now the sun dance has begun ..."


Happy Solstice!

1 comment:

  1. Here in New Zealand, it's the winter solstice ... the sun is low in the sky and the days are short.

    Wishing you much sunshine and happiness in your little spot beside the lake!