Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Which I Choose a New Life for the Summer

The alternate title to this post could have been, 

"In Which I Embody My Words for the Year:  Freedom and Happiness" 

In less than two weeks, I will begin a new adventure by living and working at Lakeside on Lake Erie for the Summer.  It's a very strange twist of fate that has brought me to this place ~ in fact the two words that keep coming to mind to describe it are weird and wonderful. 

The idea came to me about a month ago as an intuitive 'hit' during a morning meditation session.  I've done much pondering, rationalizing, and pros/cons considering since then.  After making the initial decision to go for it ~ and being hired for the job ~ I had a few days of anxiety and panic last week.  However, despite some family drama and fear-based gremlin attacks from my ego, I have made the final leap of faith to embrace this wonderful opportunity.

I will stay at my family's cottage and work full-time at the front desk of the Hotel Lakeside.  It is a lovely Victorian hotel that sits right on the lakefront.  You can read more of its history here.

Interestingly enough, I worked at this very same hotel front desk for two summers during my teenage years!  That was, of course, the era before computers, cell phones, email, it will be slightly different experience this time around!

The hotel is behind the trees on the right.

Here is a view of the magnificent (and popular!) screened-in front porch.
I adore this lobby!  
The Victrola (in the corner on the left near the first window past the fireplace)
was donated by my paternal grandparents.  
It still works and I love to play the old records when I'm there.   :)

Here's a view looking out over the Lake from in front of the Hotel.

I have A LOT to accomplish in the coming days before I leave.  That, in itself, could do me in energetically if I'm not careful.  So....I am approaching each day with mindfulness and setting intentions each step of the way.

My job at the Asian Arts Center has ended, so I am no longer driving the van or supervising 30+ kids every weekday afternoon.   This alone has given me restored energy and a chance to re-focus my time and reclaim my spirit.

Next week will be the final days of my nanny position.  Since last October, I have spent 10-15 hours each week caring for an adorable little girl who is now 16 months old.  She is my buddy and I will miss her!  It has been an honor to be a part of this family's life.  I have learned a great deal from this experience and know in my heart it is time to move on.

My yoga teacher training continues.  In fact, it is evolving and revolving in ways I never could have anticipated.  Yes, this summer change of plans will affect my participation in the training program. I have no idea how it's all going to end up ~ but I'm working with my instructors to co-create a plan.  

I remember once asking my therapist how to recognize and trust my intuition. (I have apparently developed a history of not trusting myself and reasoning away what my gut is telling me.)  She said "Intuition is never questioned by us.  If you back up and start analyzing, then it came from your rational mind.  Intuition is the *knowing*.  Then the rational mind does the step by step."  She went on to say the key is to integrate my intellectual, emotional, and spiritual selves so this process works smoothly.   Looking back over the past few weeks, I believe this particular scenario is a good example of how I've successfully done just that!

There are so many unknowns to this adventure.  And aspects that don't seem to fit in any comfortable box.  However, isn't that the point of where this spiritual quest takes us?  In spite of all the unanswered questions, I *know* this is the next right step for my journey.

 Here's the front porch of the cottage where I'll have plenty of time to contemplate.

And, of course, for those of you within reasonable traveling distance 
~ there is an open invitation to come visit! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

The View from Here

Tanner on my crafting table with Lakshmi looking on.

*This post from May 9th was apparently swallowed up in the black hole of blog posts when Blogger had issues two weeks ago.  (Sorry!)  I've re-written it to the best of my memory's ability.

There are endings ~ and many options for new beginnings ~ coming my way over the next month or so. And I'm going my best to stay focused, practice good self care, welcome the ever-changing feelings, and BE present as I go with this flow.

I've spoken before of my adoration for the Osho Zen Tarot card deck.  It never ceases to amaze me in its accuracy and ability to cut right through to the (often hidden) truths of whatever matter I need to discern.

Just the other day, while contemplating (and, of course, trying to make sense of!) the upcoming endings and multiple options before me, I asked for its guidance.  Here's what I pulled:



(And when I asked what I should be DO-ing during this time of change...)


How amazingly appropriate!

I'll soon reveal the specific nature of these big changes (a few of you have already been given details).

In the meantime, check out these two blogs with very similar names.  They're neat! 
(And I had no idea they existed when I named mine.)


See you back here real soon!