Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Tree and Me

Who asks the tree...

How much will you grow next year?
Have you decided what color your leaves will be?

And what about lightning?
Aren't you afraid of getting struck?

You'd better check to make sure your insurance policy is up to date!

Do you need more coverage against global warming?

Hey, will your seeds bear fruit?
How far will your roots spread?

You'd better drink more water.

And look, that tree over there is growing taller than you!
It's leaves are a deeper orange.
What's wrong???


The tree IS the tree
It can be nothing else

The divine energy of the cosmos
fills its cells

just like mine

It illuminates life
or not

And we accept that
as the cycle of life

We see its splendor
eat its fruit
seek refuge in its shade
burn it for heat

never lamenting what it is not

never berating it for not being more

How is it that you
trust the tree

to just BE

but not

September 2011
Journal Entry