Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scenes from the First Week

I arrived here safely at Lakeside this past Monday ~ and spent the first day with my mom and sister, who had come up over the weekend.  They returned home on Tuesday and I started work.  The new job seems to be going well so far.

A self-portrait as I head out the door to start my summer job!

I'm slowly adjusting to this new routine ~ and getting settled in to a place in which, even though I have a long history, I have not spent much time alone.  It's an altogether different experience being here by myself.

Hours and hours and hours of my life have been spent on this pier.

I hope to soon start some stories of Life By the Lake ~ sights, sounds, smells, etc.  Indeed, there is *much* fodder here for a variety of tales!  :)

I never tire of capturing the sun on and over the water.

Today, my first day off from work, I get to do one of my favorite things:  visit a LIBRARY!!!  I'll even get a new library card!  (It is, in fact, the same library I visited here as a kid ~ and the smell upon entering it takes me right back to those younger days.)  

Of course, I brought a TON of books and magazines with me.  Somehow, though, they are not holding my interest.  It seems I need to explore some new topics.  And I've got a nice summer reading list already filling one entire page of my journal.  Ahhhh...time to just sit and read in the shady breeze by the shore.  Lovely!

* * * 

Now, tell me...
What scenes have been gracing your life this week?

* * *

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