Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dreamtime Visitors

For the past two nights I have been awakened by the sound of pyrotechnics going off just down the street.  Firecrackers, bottle rockets, Roman name it...they're letting 'em sizzle and fly.  It's been in the 1230am-1am time frame, just when I'm fast asleep.

Last night's episode went on for quite a while and I had trouble falling back to sleep.  The fear gremlin (there are a myriad of new mysterious sounds in the night here) was getting the best of me.  And I could swear I heard something fluttering back and forth up in the ceiling above my bed ~ and then something much larger crawling down the side of the house past my bedroom window.

Eventually, I gave up and just pulled the covers over my head in order to feel safe and get back to sleep.

Then the dreams came...

They were very active and vivid.  A large bear came into the cottage (through my bedroom window, no less) and, although it was not threatening to harm me, was cause for great alarm!

In addition, there was an adult fox with two baby foxes running around the place.  Like the bear, they did not seem intent on hurting me and appeared to just be frolicking about.

Nonetheless, in the dream, I called for help.  Though none came.

The dream continued to unfold in other ways that were equally bizarre and remarkable.  Whew!
I was kind of glad to wake up, actually!

Early this morning, on my way out the door for work I grabbed my Medicine Cards book.  I don't recall having ever dreamed about either animal before and wanted to gain some insight into the significance of their appearance in my nighttime visions.

And, just like Blue Heron last week, these two animal guides have some intriguing and relevant wisdom to impart:

Bear represents INTROSPECTION and "In Silence Is Knowing".
Read more about bear's message here.

Fox, on the other hand, brings the message of CAMOUFLAGE and ONENESS WITH ALL.
A description of fox's qualities can be found here.

As I adjust to living alone in this house by the lake, I am grateful for the presence of these Animal Spirits.  I feel even more connected to All That Is and 'seen' by the Universe with each guide gift that comes my way (even if they are during weird dreams of interrupted sleep!)

I know of no better place to embrace and live out the power of Bear and Fox than right where I am.  What peace!

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