Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthday Love

Today is the 44th anniversary of my birth.  It is a magical day of celebration and reflective gratitude.  With this past week's infusion of amazing Summer Solstice energy, I am still riding a wave of bliss that carries me delightfully through my days.

Three weeks ago, when I drove up to Lakeside, I listened to an oldie but goodie CD in the car.....
"The Touched By An Angel" soundtrack!  (I *loved* that show!)

I had forgotten the array of wonderful songs on the album, especially those pertaining to the theme of LOVE.

Indeed, LOVE is something about which I am learning and experiencing a great deal lately ~ on many levels.  There appears to be some radical love infusion coming into my life and, at times, my heart is bursting so wide open that I am brought to the verge of tears.

If there is one gift you could give me for my birthday, it would be for you to find a copy of this book and read it.  Chapter Seven is one of the most profound descriptions I have ever encountered on what it truly means to say the we ARE love.    It is the eternal essence of our being.

Here are some excerpts:

"Somehow we must begin to recognize that we live now and eternally as love.  I believe we are in this world only to learn and teach love.  The lengths of our assignments vary, but what each of us gives and is given is the same:  love....

As long as our bodies are alive, our job is to use them as a means of extending love in a form that others can recognize and receive.

We love another when we see that our interests are not separate.  This is always a union of higher minds and not an alliance of egos...

When we are giving true love, our concern is not with our own or anyone else's behavior.  We feel natural because we recognize that love is our natural state.  We are not aware of limitations.  We don't question the possibility of devotion, and we are not preoccupied with time.  We are only conscious of now and all it contains.  When we are extending love, we are free and at peace.  Attitudinal Healing shows us how to allow ourselves to experience this kind of love ~ the only love that is eternal."

Now, if you'll indulge me, here are some tunes from the soundtrack!  ENJOY!  :-)


  1. Again, happy happy happy day!

    Also? You really MUST read Read Love by Greg Baer (not his marriage book but the first one just called Real Love: The truth about...). It really did change my life. It is all about what UNCONDITIONAL love really looks like in ACTION. :) A perfect follow up book.

  2. Beautiful Goddess Lisa!! Happy, happy Birthday Dear One!! Thank you for the book selection; always on the look out for good ones!! Be Blessed, Fully! And know that I am looking forward to seeing you again soon!!


  3. we nearly share a birthday and year
    we definitely share a love of that soundtrack