Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Revolution of Love

I cannot adequately explain what is happening inside me ~ except to say that I am *full* of radiant happiness, bliss, and LOVE these days!

 * * *

~ Hari OM Tat Sat ~
 The Divine Pervades Everything,  And You Are That Truth

 * * * 

Will you consider joining me for a 40-day Sadhana journey starting February 1st?

I will use this valuable resource as a guide to further deepen and expand my yoga practice (the true source of uncovering my divine bliss-filled nature) between next week and the beginning of Spring, on March 20th.

{You may recall that I had a similar pull to an intentional time of sadhana about this time last year.}

Over the weekend, I will prepare for this pilgrimage.  I've already begun journaling in regards to my vision for this upcoming time.  Although there will be specific structure laid out at the beginning (I am someone who needs a plan in order to encourage self-discipline!), I look forward to seeing the surprises, challenges, and joys that unfold along the way.

I really do hope you will join me!  (Even if that means creating a ~40-day journey of your own practices.)  It would be great to have your company.  :-)

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

* * * 

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  1. Hmm...I'm considering what I might do for 40 days. Checking out that YJ program, which looks pretty good! I've been thinking about a way to get back involved in yoga and maybe this could help.