Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love Loving Love

"The love you pray for is trying to reach you at every moment.
Your longing, your deep fantasies about being loved are
mere shadows
of the
melting sweetness 
that makes spirit want to love you."
~Deepak Chopra

"Love is the emotion of merging, of becoming one in the heart.
In everyday life it is mixed in the natural riot of relationships,
the biochemistry, emotions, desires, fantasies, and romantic illusions.

Bhakti yoga cultivates the spiritual heart by turning those natural impulses
into creepers that twine around the Beloved, converting them 
into a conduit to carry us toward ultimate merging.

Every form of love, every loving relationship, 
can become that conduit:
parent and child, 
lover and beloved,
student and teacher,
aspirant and religious guide,
friend and friend,
owner and pet too.

Each has within it a seed of love
that can grow into 
unconditional love.
Any of them can become
the road to the spiritual heart."

1 comment:

  1. I am glad to be here at your blog tonight, catching up on your insights and revelations. You are a woman on the move, on the rise, making your way back home to yourself, to love, to peace, to power, to beauty. You are every woman; it's all in you.

    I am also loving the photos from San Francisco, Lisa. Nice to be reminded of what we saw and felt and experienced there. It was a great weekend.

    Keep on making your way and sharing your stories and fleshing out the many visions and dreams that you have. You are an inspiration in more ways than you can imagine.