Monday, January 17, 2011

Permission to Nap

The beginning of health is sleep.
~Irish proverb
Fortunately, I have a cat who is a great snuggle partner!

I love to sleep.  Truly.  It is one of my very favorite things to do in the whole world!

I could be a professional sleeper!  :-)

When I was a kid, I would take long naps ~ perhaps in the (dry) bathtub surrounded by my stuffed animals ~ or in my cozy closet haven ~ or in a large cardboard box (again full of my stuffed animals).

{I think the longest I ever slept was 15 hours.  This was after returning from a high school youth group outing to Natural Bridge.}

Sleep is my sanctuary.  It is my safety zone and restoration source.   Especially this time of year, when my need and desire for sleep increase. (I average 9-10 hours per night in the winter.)

This past week found me hitting the wall again.  Yep ~  that wall of exhaustion that somehow manages to creep up on me *and* rapidly advance in my direction, both at the same time!

I knew enough from past experience that I needed to re-enter extreme self care mode.
And so I did.

I took Friday afternoon off from work.....and slept for four hours.  I took two 2-hour naps on Saturday and one 2-hour nap on Sunday.   I SO needed all of this! 

Now, I could extol the many reasons for which I think I needed a time out ~ but I will let the usual suspects slide for now.   However, in addition to chronic auto-immune issues with which I am coming to terms, I am also discovering the implications of participating in the shifts that are taking place on the planet right now.  Apparently, embarking on the path of Self Ascension and embracing the energy of soul transformation can make one very tired!  {Carol Sue Flowers lists Symptoms of Ascension on her site.}

This week is also a Full Moon ~ and, according to the Cosmic Path, a lot of intense planetary energy continues to surround us. 

" Our nurturing waters are represented by the Cancer full Moon, for Cancer is the sign of the Mother who births us and nurtures us."

As a Cancer, I have indeed realized in adulthood the (often challenging) duty of mothering and nurturing *myself*!

One of the great things about this time of year (which I've long referred to as my hibernation time) is the natural rhythm of living with the seasons ~ in this case, clearing off my to-do list, listening to my body, and getting the extra rest I need.

Here's a lovely little book that puts napping in a whole new (and much-needed) light.

Now, if you'll excuse me ~ the couch is calling.  :-)

"Napping should not be frowned upon at the office or make you feel guilty at home.  
It should have the same status as daily exercise."
~Dr. James B Maas (a psychologist and sleep expert at Cornell)

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