Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heavy On My Mind

On a Chicago Street ~ Summer 2010

The weight and wonder of material possessions is a subject that continues to cycle through my mind and heart these days.

Ultimately, coming from a family where *many* cherished items have been passed down through generations, and then coming to terms with the fact that I, being childless, will be where they stop ~ is giving me great pause.  If there's no one to pass this stuff on to ~ and it no longer resembles who I am becoming ~ then why am I keeping it?

It seems that, in my several-year quest to unearth my authentic self and fully embrace this persistent mid-life transformation ~ the quandary of 'too much stuff' is one of the final frontiers requiring navigation.

It is entirely possible that a radical unburdening of my possessions is about to happen.

After all, my word for the year IS freedom, right???

* * *

Click here to read an interesting article about consumerism, with a fantastic quote by Thoreau.

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  1. Freedom is the right word to go along with getting ride of possessions!