Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week 1 ~ Flowers (7/365)

Late Morning Black-Eyed Susans

I have photographed this batch of flowers in years past.  Today, when I came out of Orchestra Hall, having spent another lovely hour with Philip Gulley's soul-stirring Quaker wisdom, I noticed the sun shining brightly on one half of the flowers, but not yet the others.  It struck me as relevant ~ a contrast of light and dark (or what we perceive as such) ~ which was the Scripture for Sunday's service.

"Where can I go to get away from your spirit?
Where can I escape your presence?
If I went up to heaven, you would be there.
If I went to the grave, you would be there.
If I could fly on the wings of dawn,
stopping to rest only on the far side of the ocean...
even there your hand would guide me;
your strong hand would hold me tight.
If I said, "the darkness will definitely hide me;
the light will become as night"
Even then the darkness isn't too dark for you!
Nighttime would shine bright as day,
because darkness is the same as light to you!

~Psalm 139:7-12, CEB

It is interesting to notice how the flowers still in the shade seem to have more depth of color.  In life, we often think of the dark times as bad, hard, wrong, unpleasant.  What I've learned though, it those are indeed the times when our light shines brighter and the qualities of our lives become more alive.  And we learn that we are not alone in the midst of the darkness.

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  1. Beautiful! (Both the photo and the writing that comes with it.)