Thursday, March 24, 2011

Taking Flight

The car I drive is a 1994 Honda Accord with 186,000 miles to its fame.  We call it the Spaceship Accord because large areas of the clear coat and paint have worn off ~ perhaps like the outside of a space vehicle upon re-entry through our atmosphere. :-D

Tomorrow I will embark on yet another Spaceship Accord adventure
~ all the way to Erie, Pennsylvania!

Yes, I am going to Embody Bliss at the delightful Lilypad residence of Marcy & Christine ~ oh, and Lilly, Daisy, Toby, Tuppy, Blueberry, and Elizabeth!!!

I was there once before, in the summer of 2009.  And I expect many wonderful, life-affirming experiences this time as well.

Kindred spirit connections

A visit to Her Majesty Lake Erie

Many fresh animals investigating my luggage and lounging on my air mattress

Some of Marcy's incredibly delicious homemade creations

Several adorable cups of the-elixir-of-life-espresso

All, of course, under the watchful spirit of Miss Zoe!

I hope this first full weekend of Spring finds you embracing your inner Bliss Chick and forging an adventure of love, laughter, creativity, kinship, nourishment, healing, and whatever else your Soul Self might be most in need of right now.

Make it so!  :-)


  1. I totally forgot that this visit was almost TWO years

    And I keep forgetting to tell you that you will most likely be taking yoga dance on Saturday with katie...the singer from the Heliotropes! How funny is that!?!?!

  2. I like that phrase - "embracing your inner Bliss Chick." I think I will take you up on that and figure out how to embrace my bliss and be my own chick.

    Have a great weekend.
    Make it so!!!

  3. Hi Lisa

    I hope your trip to Lilypad was fun and your experiences of Christine's classes and, more importantly, our beautiful Lake Erie sceneries, sustained your soul.

    BTW, did they share some wine with you? That really makes it all the better! LOL