Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cultivating Spaciousness ~ Part 2

Inside Looking Out ~ The Seattle Public Library ~ November 2010

* * *

"Healing, when properly understood,
merely means casting a firm decision
in the direction of your Higher Self's priorities."
~Doreen Virtue

Journal Entry ~ March 8, 2011

I have decided to take yet another Internet (social media) break.  After this past yoga training weekend, I feel the condition of information overload.  It's all just too much.
Distraction and wonder our culture has so much attention deficit!!!

The pseudo-communication does not make for deeper relationships.  I find myself being pulled in too many directions...and needing to cultivate more reciprocity.

I want to spend time slowing down, being centered, and nurturing the calm spirit within me; the place from which I am connected to Source and in the quiet zone where heart-centered connection and healing occur.

...The sources I am reading, The Cosmic Path and Self Ascension, both talk about *really* needing to let go of that which no longer serves....and making choices that will help usher in (birth) whatever 'new' world is coming.

Perhaps because of my age, I feel caught/torn between the 'old' and the 'new' (methods of communication and nurturing relationships)...And maybe neither system is the answer.

What is coming won't look like anything we've seen before.

* * * 
My spring cleaning is starting from the inside out this year.  This strong desire to re-prioritize how/where/when/with whom I spend my time and energy* has taken me by storm.   The cacophony of voices in my head must diminish so that I can acutely tune into the whisper of my Soul.
For, indeed, there is much more wisdom and many more answers (steeped in the juices of my own inner knowing) than I have long given myself credit for.  Recent manifestations and intuitive messages are leading me down this path...with a new-found sense of intrigue and trust.

In addition, I am buoyed by a tremendous thirst for deeper spiritual truth and relevant teachings regarding the current shifts taking place in the Universe.  (Two recent finds that I am enjoying immensely are Spiritual Partnership and The Light Shall Set You Free).

Absorbing and integrating the intense yogic teachings, as well as digesting what insights I am gleaning from other sources, is a demanding, visceral process for which my body leaves me no other choice.  This requires a great deal of rest, renewal, solitude, silence (my how I love quiet!), and ongoing nourishing self-care.

"When you create authentic power you determine what is healthy for you and what is not; what is worthy of your interest and what is not.  You decide which of your sensations, thoughts, and intentions originate in love and which originate in fear.  You become the authority in your life, and your life becomes a continual meditation.  Every experience offers you an opportunity to create authentic power or pursue external power."
~Gary Zukav
* * *

*Please, if you are someone with whom I have kept in contact with electronically, please take no offense at my choice to unplug for a time.  This decision in no way affects my desire to continue to cultivate meaningful, reciprocal relationships.  You, dear readers and friends, bring me great joy, happiness, encouragement, and inspiration.  I just need to re-design the ways in which I communicate so as to greatly limit my exposure to the myriad of 'stuff' that shows up in these forums ~ and to also deliberately enforce a sense of self-discipline upon myself so that I may perhaps move in a new direction (AND finish some long overdue tasks on the home front!).

"The ground rules of a life on the Earth have changed, and these changes are permanent.  Old ways of doing things don't work anymore, or they work but produce experiences we don't want.  Old ways of relating don't work anymore, either.  The new consciousness brings a new type of relationship that is as different from the old type as the new, multisensory consciousness is from the old, five-sensory consciousness."

~Gary Zukav

* * *

{Interestingly enough, I read the above quote just earlier today.  It seems I am making decisions (in favor of my Higher Self and that inner voice I am so keenly attempting to hear) and then, within a day or two, finding affirmation of these decisions in the printed words of others.  Wow.}

* * * 

Let it all come. 
And bless it all with your Light. 
But don’t hold on… 
not to anything… 
and let your heart do all the talking…
all the walking.. 
all the Being it can. 
It’s what we’re here for.
~Stephanie Azaria 
 * * * 

By the way, I will still be monitoring and responding to comments.  
I'd love to hear more about what you're cultivating these days.  :)

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