Thursday, February 3, 2011

Letting Myself Off the Hook


Being without electricity for 36 hours over the past two days has definitely given me pause.  I unexpectedly found myself in survival mode, where so much that fills my daily thoughts and actions suddenly became extremely unimportant.  I literally could not bring myself to give energy to anything beyond the present moment and the ramifications of being without heat as a homeowner in the middle of a winter ice storm.  (And someone who, under normal circumstances, doesn't like to be cold.)

It was intense!

As a result, I am left a bit exhausted (but thankfully now *warm* and exhausted).  And am also left to consider what I have learned by enduring this experience.

When this week started, I had such different intentions for how I thought/wanted it to unfold.  Ha!

"Life is what happens when we're busy making other plans."
~John Lennon

Instead of forcing myself to stay on my original path, I am going to listen to my body's needs and the call of my spirit and take some time to regroup.

In a coaching session today, I found myself telling a client that it is okay to break our own rules.  (That's good advice for me right now, too.)  What serves us one day may not serve us the next.  
Things are moving *very*quickly right now as the planetary shifts continue.

Interestingly enough, I just pulled up this week's New Moon review and found it to be *quite* relevant for what I'm expressing.  (You can read another excellent explanation here.)

We are *so*much*more*powerful* than we realize!  And now is the time to step into that power ~ for the sake of our global tribe.
"But first, before we begin the process of real social transformation, each of us has to step into the future and begin to live it now.   We can only change people's ideas about life by our example.  
So first look within to change your own behaviors, desires and vision."
~Cathy Lynn Pagano

As the beginnings of Spring start to stir underground ~ and the daylight extends gloriously longer ~ what seeds of intention are you planting?  What's calling to you?  Are you able to live with open hands and let go of all that no longer serves?  What are your visions for the future?  What manifestations do you want to realize?

Are there ways in which you need to let yourself (or others) off the hook in order to move in a different direction?

Perhaps name one small step for today that might take you there. I would be honored to read your courageous musings in the comments.

Go ahead! Tell me yours and I'll share mine. :-)

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  1. I broke my own rule by reaching out to someone I hadn't heard from in nearly six months. Just to say hello and that I was remembering our friendship. To my shock, I got a quick response. And was told that the desire to rekindle the friendship was mutual.

    I broke another rule to always say "yes" and allowed myself to "just say no thanks" to an invitation to return to church and go back to being involved in a program I no longer wish to support.

    It feels great to ask myself why I keep doing what I've always done and expect a different result.