Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Freedom to Move?

Photo source:  activerain

This is Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California.   It has been a favorite place of mine since I first saw it in 1991.  (We've been back twice since then.)

That lone, tall palm tree is my beacon.  It is just spectacular.

(I'll try to post some of my own pics of this area soon ~ as they are stored on our old computer and not easily accessible.)

In the past, I have been known to say I want to live there.  Usually such utterances occur when the weather first gets cold here.  No one has ever really taken me seriously or given me the chance to explore this desire, including my husband.

As a result, I've been able to rationalize my way out of it and remain planted here in the Midwest.  Until now...

This has been kick-ass winter.  It has been an intense snowy, cold season since the first week of December.  And last week's *freaky*loud*and*wild* ice/wind storm (which graciously brought us a 36-hour electricity outage and 8 degree temps outside) pushed me over the edge.

As the mercury dropped inside my house (dipping down to 43 last Thursday morning), I could feel any remaining resolve I had left to stay here ebbing away.

Done!  Done!  DONE!

I have declared that this will be my last winter in Ohio.


If you're on Facebook, you know that I had a weird, synchronistic thing happen about two weeks ago.  I had just listened to LoriLyn's video post, in which she encourages us to ask our guides "Show me" ~ when we're uncertain of our next step.  I went to bed that night declaring a heartfelt 'show me'.

My dreams that night were vivid!  And then entire action centered around various aspects of Encinitas ~ and my not being able to get there due to a lot of obstacles in my way.

The next morning, as I sat in my living room for reading, journaling, and meditating ~ I opened a book at random to read a story of the author's guru visiting the United States ~ and staying in a guest house in.....Encinitas, California!  (That book is An Offering of Leaves by Ruth Lauer-Manenti)

This blew me away!  And clearly got my attention.

Believing that things 'come in threes', I waited for the third 'show me' sign from the Universe.

And it came last week.

I had been putting off reading a book for my yoga teacher training (mainly due to the power outage at home), so Thursday evening I snuggled on the couch under blankets and opened our assigned reading.  (This fabulous book is Moving Into Stillness by Erich Schiffmann.)

During the introduction, the author mentions that, early in his discovery of yoga, he moved to Encinitas to study the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.  (I discovered Yogananda during my last visit there in 2004 ~ and that introduction was a turning point in my relationship with yoga.)

The pull I feel to move there now is *very*strong*.

And my rational mind seems ill-equipped to come up with any acceptable reasons why I should not go.  I've tried every angle and they all pale in comparison to my soul-felt desire to move. 

I'm done being a martyr to the Midwest.

SO many areas of my life have changed these past few years.  One of the only constants has been my living situation.  And now I believe that is being hoisted up for inspection and introspection as well.

Just like all the other aspects of myself that demanded my attention, this one is seemingly not giving me a choice.  It *must*be*considered.

Please stay tuned...


  1. I'm all ears, girl. I cannot wait to hear what draws you and where...
    Yay for you!

  2. hiya, its Shauna from 'hopeful world'. I'll be waiting here in So-Cal for your arrival:) We can start a west coast hopeful world posse! I love this beach, Encinitas is a lovely place, you'll find a zillion kindred spirits there I am sure.

  3. You can definitely move there if you choose! I'm staying tuned.... :)

  4. Ummmmm...If you move there I will be visiting you ;)