Thursday, August 1, 2013

The August Break ~ Day 1 ~ Breakfast

First, please allow me to clarify...THIS IS NOT MY BREAKFAST!!!

Earlier this week, over dinner, my beloved and I were discussing one of his coworkers.  Not previously known to me in conversation, I inquired further when the topic of his eating "eccentric foods" was mentioned.  

"For instance?", I asked.

"Well, he likes to have chicken feet for breakfast.", my companion replied.

You can imagine the conversation that followed!  What ON EARTH could one find to eat (let alone enjoy!) in chicken feet?!?!?!?

I was appalled.  How creepy!  Disgusting!

However, if you Google "chicken feet", you will find a plethora of images of just that, including many feet prepared in recipes.



  1. I'm passing on this one....yikes

  2. They're beautiful, and they look like hands. It is nice to "see" you again, here on your blog. Namaste, Lisa.